Silver Star Apparel Is Quickly Becoming A Major Player In MMA Fashion

The level of creativity and design that goes into Silver Star’s extensive collection of MMA apparel is unrivalled by anything else that can be found on the market of mixed martial arts gear at this time.

One of the special touches that sets Silver Star Apparel apart from many other kinds of apparel is the inclusion of shirts that feature a variety of patterns and colours, each of which is designed to cater to the tastes and preferences of today’s youngsters as well as the preferences of adults.

The user is able to add his or her own unique uniqueness into each Silver Star T-Shirt since the shirts are loose and come in a variety of colour schemes. Items such as the Silver Star Rich Ace Franklin Thermal are crafted entirely out of cotton and feature the brand’s recognisable logo printed in the brand’s namesake font. Silver Star admirers and fans are the only ones who are aware of this design.

Other classic pieces available in the realm of T-Shirts include the Silver Star Frank Trigg UFC 103 Premium Tee, the Silver Star Rich Ace Franklin Thermal, the Silver Star Jonny Bones Jones Premium Tee, the Silver Star Wanderlei Silva UFC 110 Premium Tee, the Silver Star Clay Guida Premium Tee, and the Silver Star Clay Guida Longsleeve Walkout Jersey.

For those that love hoddies then the Silver Star Urijah Faber Hoodie and Silver Star Rich Ace Franklin Hoodie, Silver Star Anderson Silva French Terry Zip Up Hoodie , Silver Star Georges “Rush” St. Pierre Hoodie and Silver Star Lyoto Machida Premium Zip Up Hoodie are all made from 100% cotton and give the warmth and comfort that shoppers look for.

The unique details that have been carefully applied to each of these hoodies sets each piece apart both on visual and tactile basis.

The colors are carefully selected to ensure that the Silver Star Apparel blends with everyday clothes for those that like to match their favorite pieces with Silver Star clothing.

Unlike some custom T-Shirts where one size fits all, Silver Star Clothing has taken the care and effort to ensure that all sizes are different and that each Silver Star Tshirt offers a snug fit that makes the user comfortable and proud to be the owner of something that Silver Star made.

For hat lovers there are also a wide range of hats to choose from that comes with different colors to fit any stature and preference. The Silver Star Anderson “Spider” Silva Flexfit Hat for example is a fine piece that stands of the pedestal of famous black pieces of Silver Star clothing.

The Silver Star logo is stamped across the front section of the hat in a fancy writing that makes it both original and classy.

Other hats in the Silver Star collection include the Silver Star OG Puff Hat which can be bought in either black or green, the Silver Star Tattoo Script Hat which can be bought in either black or white, the Silver Star OG Houndstooth Hat which can be found in either black or white and the Silver Star OG High Roller Hat.

Most of the hats have distinctive characteristics such as: embroidered letters or sizes that fit just about any head size.

Silver Star Clothing | Silver Star T Shirt | Silver Star Apparel

Silver Star Casting Company, which started as a small Orange County boutique, has quickly become a major player in the global fashion and accessories industry. Founded in 1993 by Luke Burrett, today Silver Star is widely recognized as one of the sportswear market’s most fashion forward and distinctive brands.

The creative team behind Silver Star are constantly taking the pulse of the streets to keep their products squarely on the cutting-edge. As a result, Silver Star is a favorite among trend setting celebrities who recognize its innovative style and originality.

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