MMA Rash Guards Offer Extra Protection

Mixed martial arts fighters are aware of how vital rash guards are to both their training routines and their competitive fights, despite the fact that many individuals who are not involved in the fighting circuit are unlikely to be acquainted with the phrase.

In the absence of a full-scale Gi or Vale Tudo, grappling rash guards and MMA rash guards are used interchangeably by mixed martial arts athletes who engage in wrestling or grappling style competition, such as Jiu Jitsu for example. This is because both types of rash guards are designed to protect the chest and upper back from injury.

These clothes not only operate as a protective barrier between you and your opponent during training, but they are also incredibly good at wicking away moisture from the body and keeping you dry even as the action heats up.

The insulating qualities of the spandex material also make them popular among scuba divers and snorkelers who dive in deep water.

The close contact between two opponents in a match also creates a need to protect the skin from burns and abrasions during grappling.

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Best Training Rash Guard For MMA BJJ Wrestling

Great value that serves its purpose, but is it truly a “rashguard”? – The fit is good enough to be useful, however. Unlike a normal t-shirt, this will not ride up your torso while grappling. It will generally stay in place. That said, it is still much looser than a standard rashguard, meaning the possibility of a finger getting caught under the fabric exists.

In essence, an athlete wearing an MMA rash guard will sweat less and maintain a more level body temperature over the course of his training.

These types of optimum conditions create the potential for increased focus on technique and fighting skills that help fighters achieve their best efforts.

The garments are made to fit snugly and customers are advised to order sizes similar to what one would normally wear in a t-shirt.

Many of the major brands offer at least one or more long and short sleeve grappling rashguards for the MMA circuit, including Manto, TapouT, Everlast, Sprawl, Venum, Hayabusa Fightwear, and Bad Boy. Some of the standout models are worth a closer look.

Sprawl makes an excellent Short Sleeve Repeller Fight Shirt that has a special treated fabric designed to not only wick away your own moisture, but repel the sweat from your opponent as well. The simple all-black design is a no-nonsense solution for fighters who want to stay loose when grappling with others.

Everlast, a perennial leader in clothing and accessories for fighters, offers a Compress-X Shortsleeve Rash Guard as well with the same performance and tight-fitting goals in mind. If you’re looking for something a little flashier, you can purchase a Manto Longsleeve Camo RashGuard, made from 100% polyester material.

The graphic printing on front and back is an elaborate yellow MMA fighter with more detail on each arm. This bold-looking MMA rash guard is enough to intimidate even the toughest fighters who witness you wearing one into the ring.

Then there is the Hayabusa Haburi Longsleeve RashGuard, a serious-looking grappling rash guard that comes in black or white with attractive red or black detailing under the arms and around the neck.

This one has fiber-fused logos that won’t come off and utilizes antimicrobial technology that inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria, protecting you from a skin infection after prolonged use.

If you want a little different color in your outfit, you can go with TapouT’s Ultimate Fighter Team UK Compression Shirt or the Manto Rash Guard, which are both short-sleeve models that come in light blue.

These and other MMA rash guards provide extra protection and more advantages for you than your opponent, who will have nothing to grab onto when trying to overpower you during a fight.

For practice sessions and non-traditional matches that don’t require a specific uniform, grappling rash guards are the best protection for your upper body you can get.

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