Fairtex Training Gear Is One Of The Most Sought After Gear By MMA Enthusiasts

Due to the shock absorbent properties of the Fairtex pads, many athletes who compete in mixed martial arts consider them to be their top option. Because it has a shell made of real leather, it is a piece that will endure for a long time and is worthy of being added to the collection of Fairtex gloves owned by any fighter.

They are designed to accommodate a wide range of hand sizes, and fighters will discover that the additional protection afforded by their Fairtex gloves makes the experience of kick boxing or any other kind of combat sport a great deal more pleasurable and risk-free.

The Fatex shorts are one of the pieces of combat gear that are in the most demand on the market. These shorts have an advantage over other brands because to the high-quality material that was utilised in their construction.

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Best Fairtex Thai Kickboxing Lightweight Thai Pads

Boxbomba and these Fairtex pads are the best! – The seller, Boxbomba, was a pleasure to buy from. Fast shipping (Thailand to Minnesota) and super clear communication, they’re great! you’ve gone through a couple sets of Muay Thai pads and these new Fairtex models are favorites. They are by far the most comfortable to hold with the ramp shaped pad under the forearm and the material is quieter to hit but has the same Fairtex quality build. Would definitely buy again, but these will probably last a long long time! Thanks Boxbomba!

The Fairtex AB 1 for example is the perfect MMA gear that can be used for both casual and direct purposes. The renowned logo that everyone has come to love and know is finely embroidered on the left leg. It also has a great waistline system that is comfortable and offers a snug fit based on the adjustment that have been used in its design.

It is made from satin to make any fighter look like they are a king in the ring ready to unleash the power and supremacy of their title. Other shorts that fall under the Fiartex brand are:BS 604 Muay Thai Satin Shorts, BS 602,Muay Thai Satin Shorts , BS 50 Muay Thai Satin Shorts and BS 41Muay Thai Satin Shorts.

There are also the Fairtex gloves that are ranked among the most durable and professional fighting and training gloves in mixed martial arts. The are specially designed to deliver perfect blows and to adjust smoothy to the fighters hands as well.

The leather that has been used guarantees its softness and long lasting performance without showing any signs of compromise in its structure after a fight or continuous years of training using them.

They also adhere to the standards that have been established to channel the world of MMA to ensure fair fights and advantages between fighters. People who use the Fairtex gloves are never disappointed with the end results, because they know they are getting quality.

All the types of Fairtex training gear that are on the market are known for their ultimate performance and also competitive edge that they offer against other prominent brands in the mixed martial arts world.

People that are looking at the Fairtex training gear to join their collection will develop a certain brand loyalty to this manufacture, because their products are known to bring out the fighter in people who are devoted to mixed martial arts.

Ever since Fairtex as founded in 1993 it has applied and improved its knowledge to provide the best equipment for training that MMA athletes want to be part of their lives.

Their knowledge of the ring along with all the technicality that goes into fighting has given and will continue to give them the cutting edge advantage when it comes to Fairtex training gear and Fairtex shorts and gloves.

Fairtex Training Gear | Fairtex Shorts | Fairtex Gloves

Fairtex Training Gear, Fairtex Shorts and Fairtex Gloves are recognized as the gear and apparel of champions and is endorsed by top fighters, instructors, promoters and sanctioning bodies worldwide. Fairtex Training Gear is “Engineered for Top Performance”.

Fairtex has also been dedicated to the training, management and promotion of professional Muay Thai fighters, Boxers, and Mixed Martial Arts athletes and has produced over 60 champions worldwide.  Fairtex’s integral participation at every level of fight sports has afforded them an unparalleled depth of knowledge and intuition in the field.

They have been translating their ring-proven expertise into the engineering of superior equipment and apparel for athletes since 1993.

It is this combination of ring experience and technical wisdom that have enabled them to make the best Fairtex Shorts and Fairtex Gloves on the market today. At Fairtex, the motto is to “Be Inspired”.

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