An MMA Mouth Guard Is Essential When Training Or Competing In MMA

There are some images from the fighting scene that no fighter wants to be the star of, and one of those shots involves the fighter having their teeth knocked out as blood flows from his lips.

It is only natural that the manly thing to do would be to just pretend that everything is fine, despite the fact that your body has just been dealt a blow that resulted in a few teeth being knocked out and probably will result in a trip to the dentist every couple of months for the next couple of years.

Even though the world of mixed martial arts wrestling is a brutal one, there are still certain competitors who place a high priority on maintaining their appearance and teeth even after a long series of bouts.

Because of this, the only method to prevent both your teeth and gums from being knocked out of place and made to appear like mashed potatoes is to wear a mouth guard designed for mixed martial arts (MMA).

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Best Mouth Guard For MMA Training

Pretty Good Mouth Guard – It is hard to mess up a mouth guard and they did not. It looks just like the posted pictures. The instructions come in Chinese though. So you will have to look up how to boil mouth guards if you are unfamiliar.. The long and short, sit the mouth guard in boiling water for about 12 seconds so the gel can get soft. Put the guard in your mouth, put you tongue to the roof of your mouth, and create a sealed vacuum inside your mouth. You only have to hold that for about 20 seconds and then you will be good.

There have been cases where a boxing mouth guard did not really prevent the user from loosing a few teeth, but fighters that are worried about using dentures at a relatively young age should never dispense its use.

Brands such as Fight Dentist, Shock Doctor and Tapout have excellent MMA mouth guards that are known to withstand the most aggressive knocks from a desperate of fully trained opponent.

The materials that each use are different, but they all aim at the same objective: to protect teeth during fights that involve direct impact. Fight Dentist is by far the most expensive, but when it comes to dental surgery the price of this mouth guard is a drop in the bucket.

Shock Doctor has a wide range to MMA mouth guards that carry different price tags with them. Like most manufactures that spread their wings, Flight Doctor offers MMA mouth guards that are made from different materials to guarantee optimum protection against shocks. 

The Shock Doctor Pro Mouthguard for example is esteemed by the manufacturer as being a step ahead of the conventional MMA mouth guards that just about no-one uses these days. There are mouth guards from their collection that can be used as boxing mouth guards to offer extra protection while training or even in a real fight.

Some other MMA mouth guards stand under Shock Doctor’s large umbrella of top quality products are: Shock Doctor Double STC Mouthguard , Shock Doctor Gel Max Youth Mouthguard (available in multiple colors) , Shock Doctor Braces Youth Mouthguard (available in blue or pink) , Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard (available in multiple colors) and Shock Doctor Power Gel Nano Mouthguard ( available in multiple colors).

Tapout also manufactures MMA mouth guards for fighters who wish to protect themselves with a boxing mouth guard. The TapouT Mouthguard 2 Pack is one example of Tapout Mouthguards that are used by professional fighters.

There are five color combinations to choose from and offers protection for the lower teeth and has the added feature to hold a fighter’s jaw in place. TapouT boasts resistant MMA mouth guards that are backed by the most advance technology in the industry.

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