Wushu For Kids

According to historical accounts, the methods of Wushu were first established in ancient times by warlords and monks for the purpose of instructing their troops and pupils in various forms of martial arts. The pupils received guidance and instruction on how to defend oneself in armed and unarmed conflict, as well as with the use of various weapons.

It was also realised that in order to be a successful warrior, one needed to be physically healthy and psychologically well. As a result, throughout time, aspects of medicine, religious teachings, spiritual counselling, and relaxation were included into the many fighting techniques and disciplines.

Teaching Discipline

As children grow and develop they too need to be taught the same attributes used to create fierce, dedicated, trained soldiers. The teaching of discipline, respect and obedience are worthy attributes for children to learn from an early age.

Fitness and exercise are very important for growing children in order for them to reach their maximum growth potential. Wushu lessons gives children the necessary skills and lessons to grow strong, whilst at the same time also having a lot of fun.

Children’s courses are customized to instill in them rigid discipline, perserverance in the face of adversity, build self-esteem and self-preservation in different levels of their spirituality, morality and phisically welfare.

During the children’s courses they are taught the importance of respect and teamwork, it gives them a focus for their energy, Wushu will train them to listen and follow instructions the so making them ambitious through simple, easy to understand progressive lessons.

Wushu Course

Even during a child’s very early years they can gain much benefit and knowledge from undertaking Wushu lessons. With children learning new things constantly and bodies growing fast, the Wushu courses will be a great help in developing their motor skills and better hand to eye coordination.

Their bones and muscles will gain strength and definition, giving them a better sense of balance and also experience better memory retention. These are just some of the benefits they will get in class while training in drills, rhythmic movements and doing some competitive but friendly sparring.

During the Wushu lessons, pupils are given added motivation, the training will aid their concentration and make them more agile.

The lessons include meditation sessions for better relaxation and breathing. The repetitive drills and physical exercises will not only make them knowldgeable about the fighting styles, but also fashion them into well rounded individuals.

Being involved in the sparring lessons they will practice their skills in a supervised, safe environment and learn the positives gained from working together with people.

These courses will benefit children in so many other ways. For kids who are hyperactive and not able to concentrate it will give them a focus, an outlet for their energies.

It will enable them to deal with bullies or if they are being picked on at school, help them handle themselves if faced by strangers or abductors and give them a positive approach towards facing life’s many challenges and problems.

They will be given physical activities that will make them better able to interact with people, learn about teamwork and also get fit.

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