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During the latter part of the 20th century in Thailand, Fairtex was a well-known and reputable brand that had a long and illustrious history. T-shirts and other articles of clothing were first provided by the firm to Thai resistance fighters in the 1970s.

During this same period, Fairtex Chairman Philip Wong also founded a Muay Thai Camp in his native country of Thailand in order to provide underprivileged young men with the chance to practise martial arts and elevate themselves out of poverty.

Since that time, the Fairtex brand has grown to include a full assortment of clothes, accessories, and training equipment that is largely aimed at those who engage in boxing and martial arts.

Consequently, they have earned a reputation as an excellent supplier of Fairtex gloves, shorts, and shirts, as well as supports and training equipment for the scores of men and women who compete in arenas around the world.

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Best Fairtex Muay Thai Style Training Sparring Gloves

 Fairtex makes the best 16 oz gloves – Fairtex Muay Thai Style Training Sparring Gloves, They give you a good feeling. They are real tight, but provide good comfort. The inside has help up and only now do you see signs that these are close to breaking down. These feel like real boxing gloves and not some of the fit box gloves you have used to train in the past. These gloves could probably make it to two years before you replace them. You get what you pay for and these were worth every penny.

One of the areas where the company excels is in professional-quality Fairtex training gear. Things like head guards, shin pads, handwraps, heavy bags and pads used in training. Their Standard Thai Pads are just one of the essential tools fighters use to practice kicks and punches at full force without the fear of injury.

These pads have four layers of high-density foam for maximum shock absorption, and also have form fitted handles for better control during practice.

Another essential part of the company’s clothing line is a healthy selection of exclusive Fairtex shorts. Their Muay Thai shorts, for one, are second to none, bearing the standardized design elements that MMA fighters expect at the highest levels of competition.

Their satin shorts are made in sizes to fit waists between twenty-six and forty inches, and come in an infinite variety of colors. They come in an infinite variety of colors that appeal to both sexes. Each pair is hand-made in Thailand, with extra leg room for maximum freedom of movement, and a flexible spandex waistband.

If you want Fairtex shorts specifically made for MMA athletes, their All Sport Shorts are the perfect solution that can be used in the ring or on the street. They are made with a quick-dry microfiber fabric that breathes well and keeps you dry, with an attractive embroidered logo on one leg.

They come in blue, brown, and white, and the classic look allows you to match a shirt with more detail to look your best during a title match.

It is also worth mentioning that Fairtex gloves are considered by many to be the best in the business for mixed martial arts. They supply the many different types of fighters with high-quality gloves for training, sparring, boxing, and Muay Thai.

MMA fighters will find their Ultimate NHB series and Sparring Gloves to be the most appropriate for their needs. They have multi-layer foam core padding reinforcements, wraparound wristbands, and genuine leather shells to protect the fighter’s most valuable asset – his hands.

Shoppers will find Fairtex training gear to bear the marks of consistent quality and dedication that make loyal customers out of first-time buyers.

The company’s long-standing tradition in developing martial arts as a sport and lifestyle, as well as their manufacturing empire, are the things that give them and and their followers a winning edge, in terms of business and personal success.

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