Is A Muay Thai Bag Different Than A Boxing Bag?

Muay Thai is a kind of martial arts that originated in Indochina and is now widely practised across the world. This sport has grown in popularity in Thailand and other countries in the South Pacific region. A ring sport, Muay Thai has evolved into something close to western boxing, with gloves identical to those used by boxers in the west.

Muay Thai is a kind of martial arts training that is widely seen in mixed martial arts facilities; many teachers have a Muay Thai bag in their facility.

There are not two, not four, but eight separate spots on the body that may be utilised to strike the opponent, according to the fundamental concept of Muay Thai martial arts.

For the most part, the hands and feet are represented by four of these locations, which are nothing more than a collection of vicious strikes below the elbow and knee.

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Because these attacks are more unique than other forms of fighting and martial arts, Muay Thai requires specialized training and equipment. This is where the Muay Thai bag comes in; it is a heavy hanging bag that is designed to meet the needs of all Muay Thai practicers.

When compared to a traditional boxing bag, a Muay Thai bag is longer and thinner. It is between five and six feet long, to accommodate both punches and low and high kicks. For the ongoing and easy practice of holds, the diameter of this bag is similar to a person.

As for weight, it has similar weight ranges like most heavy boxing bags. On average, most Muay Thai bags are at least eighty pounds; making them ideal for extreme fighters, as well as lots of kicks and punches.

Unlike other heavy bags, many Muay Thai bags are shipped to gyms and at home users unfilled. This allows an experienced Muay Thai trainer to customize the filling of the bag the way the feel should be optimal.

As hanging bags, Muay Thai bags are subject to more force and they need to be able to withstand that force. Because of this, each Muay Thai trainer has a different idea of how to fill the bag. Most get started with filling the bottom of the bag with sand; this sand is dense and will prevent the bag from moving too much.

After the sand, the rent of the bag can be filled with rice, flour, or cloth rags. Each of these items has their own benefits. Flour is not nearly as dense as sand but has a similar feel, cloth absorbs blows well and rice is a happy medium between the two.

As for Muay Thai, it is an exciting sport where you get amazing hits not seen elsewhere. It is no wonder that they have developed specialized equipment to practice with and that this equipment is found in gyms around the world, including Muay Thai heavy bags in some of the premier MMA training facilities.

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