Affliction Clothing Offers Cool Affliction Shirts For MMA Fans And Fighters

Affliction apparel, which was first founded by mixed martial arts (MMA) icon Randy “The Natural” Couture, has rapidly developed into one of the most successful mixed martial arts (MMA)-based clothing businesses in the market.

Mineral washing is used on every Affliction Shirt and Affliction T Shirt, which gives them a little worn-in appearance and makes them feel noticeably more comfortable all over the body.

The Affliction T-Shirt is hand ripped at the neck and base, and it is manufactured in the United States of America. Affliction Clothing has seen an increase in popularity among a variety of well-known celebrities, including a number of well-known rock singers. T-shirts, hoodies, belts, thermals shirts, button down shirts, and jeans are the most popular items that can be purchased at Affliction Clothing.

Affliction Clothing embodies the heart and soul of those into a Loud Attitude and Even Louder Lifestyle. The inspiration for Affliction’s Clothing designs come from Music, Art and Culture with a dose of Counter Culture, Tattoo and Gothic influences thrown in for good measure.

The designs convey an in your face style for those that believe in standing apart from the crowd rather than striving to fit in. The hell with “fitting in” – Live Large – Live Life to its fullest without stopping for anything! Live Fast Baby!

Affliction Clothing is a favorite with some well known Rock Bands around the world for its in your face larger than life T shirt designs.

Affliction Clothing is made to look vintage and chic with various specialty washing processes, grinding and effects. See the care label on your Affliction Clothing items for best care.

Most items are machine washable (they suggest your turn shirts inside out) and air dried. Some may recommend Dry Cleaning. All are wicked cool and sure to get you noticed.

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