A Guide To Selecting Good Self-Defense Videos

Do a search on Google for “self-defense videos,” and you’ll discover that there are hundreds of businesses just waiting to take your hard-earned money in return for the most cutting-edge method of self-defense. You have people teaching “forbidden martial arts” and top secret training DVDs for so-called black operations special forces, as well as everything in between.

Someone who is not very knowledgeable with the self-defense sector may find a lot of information to be puzzling, and it may be difficult for them to decide which DVD to purchase as a result. When it comes to purchasing or even just looking at movies on self-defense, here are a few pointers that you may keep in mind:

Guideline #1: If it says anything about black ops, special forces, secret skills, secret training camps, or anything else to make it sound as if it’s some forbidden knowledge that the government banned and has hidden, that’s probably a scam.

To be honest, black ops secret ninja force skills are just made up to make you think you’re getting something top secret. True black ops and other special forces usually learn skills very similar to what’s present in many martial arts.

There are no secret techniques. However, there are a lot of companies out there claiming that they’ll teach you the latest thing from secret training camps that the military banned for a hefty price.

You should avoid people advertising this. It is most likely a scam. If someone is lying about their system being good when it’s not, you can’t really trust them. You are putting your life in the hands of their system.

Guideline #2: You should stay away from buying e-books. Although this is an article on self defense videos, you will actually see a lot of e-books come up when you look for self-defense videos. Now there’s nothing wrong with e-books, and a lot can be learned from them. However, a lot of the learning is left up to you.

You’re simply reading how to do something instead of actually learning it. Without many pictures, it’s hard to see every part of the technique, and you’ll end up missing out on the most important parts.

Yeah, the book may be solid information, but if your only source of knowledge for self-defense is an e-book, how will you ever know how to do the techniques properly? That’s right, you can’t. Avoid the e-books. If you’re looking for self-defense videos, stick to videos.

Guideline #3: Keep in mind to try to look for self defense videos that the creator actually backs up. Good self defense videos should have a good warranty and good unconditional guarantee. If you don’t try the product for at least 30 days, you can’t really tell if it’s a good system.

A simple seven day test period, although done by a lot of guys, isn’t really enough. Seven days isn’t really long enough to really examine a system. In fact, a general guideline is the more someone stands behind their system, the more it’s trustworthy.

Usually a trial period of 30 days or more is pretty good though. A 30 day guarantee is good, but a 90 day or even 120 day guarantee is even better. You want to find someone who truly stands behind their product.

Guideline #4: Research what you want beforehand. Before you pull the trigger and buy that product, Google the creator’s name, Google his product’s name, see what people are saying. A product with good reviews is usually a good product.

You probably wouldn’t want to spend your money on it if it has bad reviews. You’ll find that if you Google the names of a lot of guys out there that their self-defense videos aren’t getting good reviews. They get awful reviews and they’re generally not received very well.

Try to remember that there is a website called “BullShido”. I wouldn’t trust anything, personally, that you read there. You’ll find that anything there is written by MMA fanatics, so anything that’s not MMA, they completely trash and disregard.

Although a lot of great knowlegde is present, it’s biased. MMA forums may not be the best source…but you can locate other sources. If you Google the name of the system and get a lot of bad reviews, you probably want to steer clear of that one.

You should have no problem finding a good company that will treat you right if you follow these guidelines when looking for self-defense videos.

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