Hayabusa Fightwear, An Industry Leader Trusted By MMA Fighters And Fans Alike

It is not a coincidence that the Peregrine Falcon was chosen to serve as the emblem that distinguishes Hayabusa attire from the vast majority of other forms of combat gear. Because Hayabusa is committed to delivering nothing but the absolute best to its customers, the significance of its flying falcon logo can be seen and experienced in each and every piece of fightgear that the company sells.

Fighters are aware that whenever they don any line of Hayabusa gear, both fighting and training take on a whole new and more meaningful significance for them as individuals.

Each and every piece in the Hayabusa Fightwear line was developed with the intention of serving a certain function. For example, the Hayabusa Competition Shiai Fight Shorts were made specifically for competitions and come with a variety of features that are meant to ensure that the wearer will have the best possible performance when competing.

Both the front and the side of the right leg have an emblem of the illustrious Hyabusa brand. The emblem is located on the left thigh. A considerable amount of planning went into the creation of the waistband, and it was designed so that it does not include any zippers or metals that may be harmful to the athlete when he or she is competing. This allows the athlete to compete without any impediments and with complete protection.

This is not a characteristic that is unique only to the Hayabusa Competition Shiai Fight Shorts, but every fight shorts from the Hayabusa Fightwear line has its distinctive features or certain shared characteristics with other Hayabusa clothing.

Hayabusa Clothing also specializes in high performance gloves that are specially designed to guarantee a firm grip, unrestricted movement and powerful punches to overcome any opponent. The flexibility of some of the gloves allows the fighter to use them in just about any type of competition.

Some are made from genuine leather to guarantee long lasting satisfaction for years and years of fighting and training in mixed martial arts. They come in different colors to match the color preference of anxious fighters who are ready to get active in a competition.

For windy and cold days the Hayabusa Fightwear Uwagi Jacket with its vibrant red and black colors will leave any fighter or fan looking like they are a step ahead of the present fashion trends.

As with a wide range of Hayabusa Gear, this jacket was built to last and has been specially designed to leave the user feeling comfortable, powerful and trendy during and after every use.

Unlike some fabrics that fade or bleed over into each other, this jacket is not a nuisance that will create problems when washing.

Apart from the jacket, gloves and shorts there are many other items on the the Hyabusa gear list such as the Hayabusa Pro Shin-Instep Guards and Hayabusa Pro Striking Shin Instep Guards that are specially padded and designed to make fighting an enjoyable and easy experience.

They also adapt easily to any body size and the high-quality materials that have been used for make this type of Hyabusa clothing will ensure that the fighters skin is able to breathe during competitions and fights ensuring that he or she is comfortable during performances.

For those that are fans and have no intention of working up a sweat then the many Hyabusa T- shirts on the market draw the attention of both close and far admirers of the sport.

The blend of natural fabrics ensure that the shirts are flexible, breathable, long-lasting and versatile.

Hayabusa Fightwear | Hayabusa Clothing | Hayabusa Gear 

Hayabusa translated from Japanese refers to the Peregrine Falcon. This predatory bird is recognized for its speed, agility and ability to strike its prey with fierce precision. The iconic falcon is the symbolic representation of what every fighter strives to achieve – victory through the perfect fusion of technical accuracy, speed, power and strength.

Those who possess the relentless passion to transform their physical selves into the ultimate weapon define the true spirit of a fighter – this is Hayabusa Clothing. Rooted in Japanese tradition, Hayabusa Clothing Inc. excels in their strict commitment to perfection.

Because of this unyielding motivation to produce only the very best MMA equipment and apparel, Hayabusa Fightwear has earned the reputation among the MMA community as an industry leader trusted by the top fighters in the game.

Every piece of equipment and apparel is created for one sole purpose – to maximize a fightersโ€™ performance. When you own a piece of Hayabusa Clothing, feel proud for you have chosen wisely.

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