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There are two styles of martial arts that are known for having techniques that are regarded by many as the most violent styles of martial arts ever developed. Krav Maga and Muay Thai are the names of these two styles of martial arts. Both of these individuals, despite the fact that they practise quite different methodologies and fields of study, use strategies and strategies that can only be defined as “brutal.” We look at both of these styles to see why people believe they are the most cruel forms of martial art in the world.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a defensive martial art, but it emphasises harsh offensive as a means of rendering an opponent helpless, in contrast to the majority of other styles of martial arts, which were developed primarily for the sake of self-defense. The methods of self-defense that are covered in this course are not intended for competition and put an emphasis on practical application rather than aesthetics. Students of this particular kind of martial arts are instructed on how to locate and target the vulnerable areas of an adversary, as well as the most efficient and direct methods for striking them. The Israeli Special Agencies, as well as police forces and military groups across the globe, all train in a form of martial arts known as Krav Maga. It is intended to immediately subdue or incapacitate an aggressor and does not adhere to any norms while facing the opponent, which leaves it open to the use of the most severe and ruthless tactics. The fundamental idea behind Krav Maga is deceptively straightforward: deal with your adversary in the shortest amount of time feasible and then get away. Students become proficient in both armed and unarmed self-defense techniques throughout their time in this course. Due to the high degree of realism inherent in its training, many people believe that this kind of martial art is the most suitable for use in street confrontations. On the other hand, for street fighting and straightforward self-defense, the method that we advise is one that we will explore in more detail later. Because the techniques in Krav Maga ignore the safety of the opponent, the art is often referred as be one of the most violent forms of martial arts. On the other hand, this might make it challenging to practise full contact with a partner. Krav Maga is one of the most effective forms of self-defense that have ever been developed, yet it can also leave an opponent with catastrophic injuries.

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Muay Thai

Like Krav Maga, Muay Thai is considered by most as one of the most brutal martial arts in the world that is an offensive martial art. Muay Thai is very similar to kickboxing but more savage. Kickboxing uses just the hands and feet to strike the opponent, while muay Thai also adds knees, elbows, shins, and other parts of the body when striking the opponent. Muay Thai is considered to be one of the most brutal martial arts in the world primarily because it uses the hardest bones in the body to strike and trains the body overall to become harder. It uses eight parts of the body to hit an opponent compared to just two parts (hands and feet) seen in other martial arts.

The most brutal martial art

While these two martial arts are considered to be quite brutal, they still following certain disciplines. This means that if the opponent is trained in a counter-type of martial art, they may find it easy to find ways to overcome even a highly trained practitioner. If you are in a street fight where your life is in danger, these martial arts styles may not be enough. If you want to learn how to really survive in a street fight, then you should have a look at the Street Fighting System we recommend.

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