Which Sports Are Most Popular In America? Here Are What Is Supposed To Be The Top 20!

There is little doubt that the top five should continue to occupy the positions that they now have; but, are there any others?

  1. American Football – of course, been around since the 1800’s.
  2. Baseball – This is sometimes referred to as the number one sport, but American football gets more viewers.
  3. Basketball – This is taken very seriously by the Americans and the Russians, but bigger in America.
  4. Hockey – It is difficult to get bored watching this, and the Americans love it for that.
  5. Golf – A very much skilled sport, but Tiger Woods really brought it too the people.
  6. Wrestling – A huge sport, many Americans tune in to watch this.
  7. Tennis – Not really an American Past Time, but definitely a well respected sport.
  8. Skateboarding – America launched this sport from nothing to everything, now being taken up around the world.
  9. Surfing – Well, America helped this sport to make its mark.
  10. Ice Skating – Many famous names have come out of this sport including; Jennifer Kirk – stunning.
  11. Boxing – Doesn’t happen enough, otherwise it would be higher in the list.
  12. Soccer – The Americans have only just started to accept this as a big sport, but it is growing.
  13. Archery – Well when you have the likes of Geena Davis, your guaranteed to get a medal.
  14. Volleyball – Everybody enjoys volleyball, playing and getting involved, or just watching it’s all good.
  15. Cycling – A very tough sport, especially in competition with nations, but America sticks to its usual greatness.
  16. Track and Field – The Americans are best known at the Olympics for this event.
  17. Horse Racing – A huge sport, but is it really bigger than others.
  18. Rock Climbing – This is a great sport, and fun for everyone even indoors, Alain Robert has helped things out with this.
  19. Extreme Sports – This is basically anything that is not normally done.
  20. Auto Racing – This is hard to Rank, but it is different from State to State.

Which of these outdoor adventure sports doesn’t deserve to be here? Are these in the right order?

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