Venum Clothing Takes Charge Of MMA Fight Shorts

Venum is a well-known clothing brand in their country of origin, Brazil. However, in the United States, the shorts, shirts, and Gis that this manufacturer has been designing since 2006 have gone largely unnoticed, and even when they have been discovered, they have been relatively difficult to acquire.

Despite this, the manufacturer is creating a name for itself in the mixed martial arts (MMA) industry by manufacturing some exquisite Venum shorts, which have become a standard with a number of fighters.

What Makes Venum Clothing So Special?

Attention to detail, razor sharp business focus, and rock solid quality are the main elements of the young brand’s success to date.

They make boldly colored clothing for men who enter the ring in MMA competition, and that’s all they focus on. The styles are nothing less than spectacular while remaining true to the tradition of martial arts as a whole.

The best way to explain these elements is to look at some of the specific Venum fight shorts, Gis, and shirts that the company produces. Take, for example, their Brazil Hurricane FX Fight Shorts.

These shorts are made from a durable glossy microfiber material in the national green and yellow colors of the nation of Brazil, with a Lycra panel interior and reinforced split outer leg seams for freedom of movement.

They have an unobtrusive velcro closure in front that doesn’t detract from the overall look of the shorts themselves.

Fight Shorts

Another stunning pair of Venum shorts is the Green Amazonia 2.0 Fight Shorts, which gets high marks for style, comfort, and lightweight materials. The same high quality microfiber is used, and the four-way crotch panel keeps them comfortable in competition.

The snakeskin design of the shorts blends from white to dark green. These simply look great and are functional at the same time, and they are known for being tear-resistant.

The vendor’s products are universally strong and stylish throughout the entire line of Venum clothing.

That’s not the end of the story, either. This company has more than just Venum fight shorts to offer. Take one look at their Vale Tudo Attack Tank Top or the Infinity Zip Up Hoodie and you’ll understand just how versatile their clothing line really is. Their hoodies and t-shirts are 100% cotton and made to last.

Goldweave Power Gis

Goldweave Power Gis are another item in the Venum clothing line that demonstrates their commitment to MMA fighters worldwide.

Designed specifically by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experts for this unique fighting style, these beautiful two-piece outfits have a traditional look and feel that attracts scores of athletes to the Venum brand.

The jacket is constructed from a single piece of fabric with no seams, creating a strong, durable garment that gives an opponent little to grab on to.

The pants are likewise made from 100% pre-shrun cotton canvas with plenty of reinforced stitching in crucial areas.

These features make the brand a strong contender in the MMA clothing market, and the high-quality Venum clothing that first brought them the attention and respect of mixed martial arts athletes continue to challenge other brands to keep pace with this powerhouse provider of brand name apparel.

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