Quality MMA Gear From Throwdown Clothing

Throwdown For quite some time, the word MMA has been associated with high-quality items and equipment for use in the professional mixed martial arts combat circuit. Their product line has progressively expanded to include MMA cages, combat gear, gym and punching bags, and most recently, brand name clothes as a result of their partnership with Affliction Clothing, which allows them to provide a complete selection of clothing for fighters and spectators alike.

Throwdown Clothing

In the Throwdown clothes arena, high-quality garments that are both trendy and long-lasting compete against one another. With the Affliction’s unique partnership, the product line incorporates the kinetic energy that the band brought to the table. The craftsmen who design Throwdown’s shirts, shorts, and casual clothing use 100 percent cotton to create garments that are soft yet durable, and they are able to stand up to repeated washings without fading.

When competing in a highly competitive market, Throwdown MMA produces a distinct style that can readily be distinguished from that of other companies. The same aesthetic flexibility that distinguishes each item of Affliction apparel has been used to the creation of the new shirt designs as well. Symbols of power such as skulls, swords, and wings adorn the bulk of the company’s apparel range, reflecting the company’s devotion to staying loyal to its legacy. To some extent, each Throwdown tee is a piece of art in and of itself, integrating colours and silver toned elements in a variety of ways to differentiate one design from another.

Customer Attraction

These are the elements that attract faithful customers to the Throwdown MMA brand. Their Headstone Tee and Thorn Tee, for example, bears the message “any time, any place,” something that connects with the mindset of a champion MMA fighter and his legion of hardcore fans. The entire line shares a common message and central theme, that those who wear Throwdown clothing are serious about their sport, and wearing these items instills confidence in the person who chooses their products as a sign of strength and mental toughness.

Even their footwear remains true to the Throwdown image and commitment to quality. Their Wings Shoes are made from heavy-duty nubuck suede leather, with a foam padded tongue and a performance cupsole for extra traction. The all-black shoe also has the familiar company logo drawn across the side of the shoe. They also make an attractive, lightweight Women’s Cardio Kickboxer Shoe with a two-piece cardio outsole that makes an excellent choice for use in training.

Another bright star in the Throwdown clothing line is their hoodies and thermals, for the chilly nights out on the town or away from the ring. The vendor uses water-based inks for their designs, which fill the entire front and back of the jacket. Their Native Thermal is a perfect example, with a breathtaking design that is sure to attract the attention and interest of people who see you wearing one.

Likewise, the Czar Pullover Hoodie leaves little empty space on its bold graphic design, and the athletic cut of all their garments appeal to the chiseled physiques of MMA fighters and athletes who choose Throwdown MMA as their brand of choice.

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