Ninja Nujitsu And A Nunchaku

The very name “Ninja” conjures up many exciting ideas of mediaeval Japan, a time when clandestine activities were nearly synonymous with the whole period. Espionage and assassinations were everyday occurrences, and if there was any group that could carry out such operations with pinpoint accuracy, it would be the Ninjas.

These very well-trained warriors relied not only on their mastery of physical movements, but also on the strategic design of their weapons, which provided them with an edge over their adversaries at all times.

The nunchaku is an example of one of these weapons that made its way into modern society. Rice and soybean farmers were the first to put this device, which consisted of two sticks connected by a rope or chain, to use in order to separate grain from husk. The initial design was made up of two sticks.

It was made of wood tied together and hardened by long-term exposure to mud, usually for years, to keep the wood from rotting. Today, Nunchakus can be anything from wood to fiberglass and connected by a chain or any type of rope.

They should be equal in length and may be round or octagonal, although the latter is more injurious due to its edged structure. If you’ve taken a glimpse into ninjutsu classes, you must have seen one of these historic weapons.

One trick with the Nunchaku lies in its length, averaging twelve inches, which should be just enough for the user if it is to function with as much power as it should. The standard rule is for the sticks to be about as long as the fighter’s forearm.

Mini chucks, which are at least eight inches long, make them easier to hide and catch an enemy off-guard immediately before an attack while longer chucks equip the user with the ability to strike from all angles.

Along with length, the other essential component of a good Nunchaku is balance or its ability to hang from the user’s hand while forming a ninety-degree angle from the floor.

This is the usual problem with substandard Nunchakus which don’t satisfy this requirement. The result is poor control by the user, thus hindering the full power of the weapon. In fact, sophisticated routines are just impossible with a poorly balanced Nunchaku.

What made these weapons particularly strategic for the Ninjas was their small size which allowed them to be concealed from the enemy who would tend to think that the opponent was unarmed.

Once the Ninja achieved a good distance from the target, he could quickly pull out the Ninchaku and begin attack. Learn ninjutsu and learn to apply the discipline and power of this age-old martial arts through proper Ninjutsu training.

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