Wrestling – Wrestling Tips On Cutting Weight

Wrestling is incredibly hard. It takes a toll on you not just psychologically and emotionally, but also mentally and physically. It’s not uncommon for practises and matches to be stressful, but tournaments take things to a whole new level.

Tournaments often take the whole day, which may make for a very exhausting experience. Some of these things may start to tear people down, especially once they’ve passed the halfway mark in the race. However, losing weight would be the most difficult of all of these challenges.

To go for months without eating or drinking that much requires an incredible amount of self-control and determination. Particularly if your weight loss is somewhere between fifteen and more than thirty pounds. Have competed on Colorado’s state champion wrestling team, which has won the title for the last eight years in a row. Only the most resilient members of the squad have survived.

Everyone on the team at least cut ten pounds. But the more die-hard wrestlers would cut to as much as thirty pounds. Some people may ask why would you even cut weight? Well say you naturally weigh 152 lbs and cut to 140 lbs.


Singlets are the one-piece uniform that wrestlers are usually seen wearing. The materials that are usually used to make singlets are spandex and nylon, since they cling to the body and are difficult to grab at during a match.

Singlets come in three different shapes, namely, the high-cut, the fila-cut and the low-cut and are usually worn on top of a jockstrap. Reversible singlets, which can be worn inside out, are also in great demand because of their dual color combination.

Once you purchase your mats it’s very important that you keep them well maintained, clean and sanitary. Invest in products such as KenPlus disinfectant.

Remember that a lot of physical activity will be taking place on your mats and some of it will be violent. It’s not uncommon for bodily fluids, which can cause disease, such as blood, saliva and urine to end up on your mats.


Other gear equipments include knee and elbow pads which protect wrestler’s limbs and joints from getting injured during a fall. These equipments are specially designed so that the wrestler can move without any restriction. Knee and elbow pads are soft and cushiony on the inside and have high flexibility.

Though not a requirement in international wrestling, these are definitely helpful in preventing grievous wounds during college level tournaments. Other protective gears include face masks and braces to protect the head region and jockstraps to support the male genitalia. Without these gears, wrestling can become very risky since the sport is known to be dangerously violent at times.

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