Are Martial Arts Self Defense?

Everyone is wondering whether or not martial arts are effective for self-defense. It is possible that either yes or no is the correct answer. For instance, because martial arts almost always teach some kind of self-defense, it stands to reason that these practises may be used for this purpose. However, self-defense is not the only factor to consider in this situation.

They do not only teach self-defense, but rather include a wide variety of facets that might be considered more of a way of life. This is the reason why martial artists put in years of training, but the majority of people who practise self-defense just require a few months to understand how to protect themselves.

Instead of studying the complete art, students focus on learning the self-defense methods that will be most useful to them and keep them safe while they are out on the street.

But what about true martial-arts self-defense. Does such a thing even exist? Systems have in fact attempted to be martial arts self defense systems but the question is do they really work? Krav Maga and Systema are some examples of these.

Almost entirely dedicated to teaching you self defense moves, these arts have very little β€œfluff” involved. However, they still cling to martial arts techniques, and this is there shortcomings. They still have an extra long learning curve with martial arts techniques that self defense systems do not have.

So these systems are not the best way to learn proper self defense techniques despite the fact that they can most certainly be used as martial arts self defense solutions.

If you want to defend yourself, I recommend you find a competent self defense instructor that teaches a solid system specifically designed for reality based self defense(RBSD).

RBSD is very beneficial in that you are able to learn and master everything you need to know to defend yourself in a short amount of time. These self defense moves can be learned in just weeks and not many years of training.

You won’t see any silly belts here. Probably not in a good realistically based self defense system. So if you are looking for martial arts self-defense do yourself a favor and go look around and find a good RBSD school.

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