Top Martial Arts – The Common Factors

It is now tough to pick just one fighting style to study since there are so many various fighting styles available in the world today. This is particularly true if you want to learn from the best martial arts. People’s responses to the question “What are the finest martial arts?” will vary greatly based on the individuals’ individual tastes and experiences. The majority of people will assert that their own style of martial arts is superior to others, generally for the same reasons that led them to begin training in that style in the first place.

When deciding which are the best forms of martial arts to study, beginners in the field should first question themselves why they want to learn how to fight in the first place. Do you wish to compete in martial arts, or are you more interested in learning how to protect yourself from potential attackers with your newfound skills? The following factors will have an impact on the kind of martial art that is most suitable for you.

What If I Just Want to Defend Myself?

If you want to learn martial arts because you want to defend yourself, then you may want to avoid those styles mostly consisting of grappling and ground work. For pure self-defense, you must be able to survive in a street fight.  The styles requiring you to go to the ground are a serious disadvantage in a street fight, as you are typically faced with more than one opponent. Going to the ground in a multiple attacker situation is an easy way to get stomped by the attackers still standing. A martial art which teaches you to defend yourself while standing up, disable your opponent(s) and escape is preferable.


There is a lot of street fighting systems being taught around the world. These street fighting systems are becoming more and more popular because of the increasing danger in today’s society. With street crime so common, no one can be sure about their safety, especially in high risk areas. If you want to learn the top martial arts for street fighting, here are some tips on how to choose:

  1. The technique must teach you to defend against multiple enemies – almost all martial arts can be used against single opponents, however, not all street fights are always a one-on-one fight. You need to find the top martial arts which teach you to effectively handle two or more people while under stress.
  2. Look for the top martial arts which do not limit the techniques with unarmed combat – during a street fight, you cannot expect your opponent not to be armed. They may use weapons like knives or blunt objects they find lying around.  It’s crucial to learn a style able to teach you how to defend yourself against these types of modern weapons, as your life may depend on being able to disarm and disable these threats promptly.
  3. Remember that there are no rules during a street fight- anything can happen, and you cannot tell your opponent that they can’t hit below the belt or that you need a rest, so be prepared for anything. Ensure the martial art you choose can teach you techniques useable in real-life situations and not just prepare you for competitions. Expect that your opponents will use every advantage and will sometimes resort to “cheating”.

If you are unsure which top martial arts to learn, why not look at this system we recommended and learn some of the best self defense techniques which you can use to defend yourself and anyone with you. The program covers how to use your environment to your advantage and survive any situation even if the odds are against you.

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